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Passion to ceramic

- who am I and what to expect

Ach Studio exists due to passion to art and love to handcrafts. 

Since the origins of civilizastion, man tried to get his surrounding under control. He did so by creating various tools and structures. It's hard to tell, in which moment our ancestors realised, that by forging his thoughts into forms, he's also hiding part of himself inside his creation. Thousands of years of evolution and technical development has provided us with unlimited possibilities of shaping objects. They branch into various interpretations from creatives around the world.

Ceramics is one of the oldest and most commonly used handcraft art. And even though todays modern dwellings are ussually dominated by mass-produced products - in Ach Studio I believe, that desire to find beauty, sustainability and art in our surroundings still makes the point for many.

Handful of practical advices

What to excpect from our ceramics?
Everything in Ach Studio is handmade. Little differences between every product is normal- it's natural imperfection ;) Each piece is unique.
Small drips and holes on a surface are not considered as defects. Scratches and marks will occur and they are not considered as defects. Color may vary depending on firing temperature and glaze composition. Even vessels, that are shaped in the same rigid forms will have some small differences. During baking, clay decreases its size by ca. 5%. Crafted objects made of different clay pieces, even if they are formed identically, might differ slightly. It's important, if you need precision.

Clay crafts don't require any specific cleaning methods. Both clay and glaze don't react to cleaning detergents. However we recommend to use gentle soap and dry the pieces completely before butting them back on the shelf.

Kitchen vessels:

Using ceramic in kitchen brings up lot of questions. Our creations are baked in 800-1200°C. They can survive easily in dishwasher and in ovens. Sudden temperature drops can be deadly though, so don't put boiling water in very cold object. 


Clay crafts can be used in water and with soap/detergents/other stuff used in bathrooms. Baked clay can stay under water for a long time.

If you know enough by now...

You are welcome to watch our creations - we upload them to the webpage on a regular basis. If you still have questions or you want to order something from us - please visit our contact page.


Have fun watching! :)

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